Kosher Cooking Classes

 Kosher Cooking Classes are semi-private (maximum of 10 guests).
Private classes available upon request. The classes take place in a Mehadrin chalav israel restaurant of the Jewish ghetto of Rome.
My cousin Yael from Yotvata was born in Rome, near the Jewish Ghetto, and memories of her childhood always bring her back to helping her grandmother cook for Shabat.
The only thing she loves more than showing people around the city is teaching the tricks and secrets of the true Roman Judaic cuisine (la cucina giudaico-romanesca).
My Kosher cooking classes introduce you to the cuisine that shaped this city; what better way of spending a morning or afternoon in the heart of Jewish Rome than preparing and enjoying delicious food in convivial company. This is exactly what these Kosher Cooking Classes offer: a three-hour culinary experience under the guidance of an expert chef.
During the class you will have an aperitif and a welcome drink, you will learn how to make fresh pasta and all the secrets about it, you will make tiramisù, and at the end there will be a cooking lesson of the typical Italian sauces and you can eat all the pasta you made and the tiramisù, everything accompanied by a glass of wine or a soft drink for kids! The price also includes the recipes to take home, the participation certificate and a gift from the chef! The cooking classes are not suitable for vegans or celiac; if you want to have more info don’t hesitate to fill the form and get in touch with us! Our staff will be glad to help you!


  •  3 hour program
  •  Italian/Hebrew/English speaking chef
  •  Ingredients and equipment
  • Welcome drinks and aperitif
  • Hands-on cooking class for fresh pasta like fettuccine and ravioli
  • Hands-on cooking class for tiramisù
  • Cooking lesson about the typical Italian sauces
  • Lunch/dinner at the restaurant with the dishes you prepared including one glass of Italian wine
  • The program is kids and family friendly.
  • 100% super kosher lemehadrin

    “ Now You’re Cooking! ”

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