Rabbi Senter Yeshiva boys under the Arch of Titus
Ancient Rome jewish tour*

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Explore the Eternal City from a unique perspective on this Jewish ancient Rome tour. Over the course of two-and-a-half hours, I’ll take you on a journey through 2,000 years of Roman Jewish history, nourishing you with a deep knowledge of ancient Rome based on Midrashic texts and historical accounts.

Begin your tour at the Arch of Constantine

Meeting at the Arch of Constantine in the shadow of the Colosseum, we’ll venture back in time contextualising the Jews’ place in Roman history before walking over to the Roman Forum.

Here, at the entrance of the Forum, we’ll come face to face with one of the most poignant monuments of ancient Jewish Rome: the Arch of Titus.

The Arch of TItus: one of the most important sites on my Jewish Ancient Rome tours

The Arch of Titus does not appear in any Rabbinic literature. Nor, until the foundation of the State of Israel in 1948, would Jews allow themselves to pass under it. On this tour, I’ll share with you the reason, bringing to life the catastrophic scenes depicted on its frieze.

We will then visit the incredible archeological sites of the Roman Forum.

For over 1,000 years, this was the beating heart of the center: a meeting place for Roman citizens of every ethnicity. Among its poignant ruins, I’ll tell you all about the latest discoveries regarding Jewish cultural and religious influences on ancient Rome.

Venture inside the iconic Colosseum

We’ll then walk the short distance to the imposing Colosseum: a globally recognized monument that hides a dark and disturbing history. Once we’ve walked straight inside with skip-the-line tickets, I’ll show you a fascinating inscription left by the emperor Vespasian. 

This inscription reveals how the Colosseum was built out of spoils from the sack of Jerusalem and its Temple.

Once inside the Colosseum, you’ll discover what life was like at the time of the Roman gladiators.

I’ll tell you exactly what the Talmud had to say about Jewish gladiators who fought in the Colosseum. One of whom wore this helmet as he stepped out onto the sands of the arena.

Learn about the Colosseum's Jewish gladiators on my Jewish Ancient Rome tour

Imagine what performances held in this enormous amphitheater must have been like. Not just for its gladiatorial participants, but also for the martyrs and prisoners put to death for the crowd’s entertainment. The truth will send shivers down your spine.

Your Jewish Ancient Rome tour finishes at Saint Peter in Chains (optional)

Should you wish to extend your Jewish ancient Rome tour to three hours, your final destination is the Church of Saint Peter in Chains. Within the sacred walls of this medieval church we’ll encounter Michelangelo’s Moses: the great sculptor’s most humanizing statue. 

As you lay your eyes upon it, I’ll bring this sublime sculpture to life. I’ll share with you not only the well-known aspects of Michelangelo’s life and works, but the secret side as well. For few people know of the Great Master’s profound Jewish learning, which I also reveal on my Jewish Vatican tour.

If you have an interest in Roman-Jewish history, this Jewish ancient Rome tour is an unmissable experience.

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