People say the best way to explore a culture is through its cuisine.

But when visiting somewhere like Rome, how do you know what you’re getting is the real deal instead of some tourist trap? And more importantly – how do you know that it’s kosher?

Let me introduce you to Rome’s culinary scene — voted the best in the world for 2023 — through these carefully curated experiences.

Whether through an immersive Kosher cooking class, a food tour in the Jewish Ghetto or beyond, or a kosher dinner at Rome’s most acclaimed Kosher restaurants, Rome’s rhapsody of flavors is waiting for you to discover. 

Kosher Cooking Class

Discover the secrets behind Roman Kosher cooking on this hands-on, family-friendly cooking class!

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Shabbat in Rome RomanJews

Kosher Catering

Planning a trip around or outside Rome? Let us prepare your Kosher picnic lunch! Contact me for more details.

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