Try carciofi alla giudia on my Jewish Food tour

Italians know a thing or two about food, and the true gourmet would do well to follow an ancient piece of Italian advice: “Mangia da ebreo!” – Eat like a Jew!

Romans have heeded this advice well. Restaurants and trattorie serve up la cucina ebraica (Jewish cuisine) all over the Eternal City. But there is of course no better place to follow these words of wisdom than in Rome’s Jewish Ghetto.

On this unique Jewish food tour, I’ll introduce you to my favorite hangouts: the places only locals know. While exploring the Jewish Ghetto, we’ll indulge ourselves on Jewish delicacies, enriching ourselves with the culture while nourishing ourselves with the cuisine.

Sample traditional Roman staples in the Ghetto on this Jewish food tour

As we wander through the streets of Rome’s Jewish Ghetto on our foodie adventure, I’ll share stories and anecdotes – history and legends – that will give you a real “taste” of Roman Jewish culture. 

Your Jewish food tour introduces you to all the mouthwatering delights of Ia cucina ebraica. We’ll sample carciofi alla giudia, “Jewish-style artichokes”: deep-fried until delicious and crispy to the touch. We’ll savor endive and anchovy pie: a savory treat showcasing the best of traditional Jewish cooking. And we’ll treat ourselves to some mouth-watering cassola, made with the freshest ricotta and a hint of cinnamon.

Whatever your dietary requirements or preferences, I’ll tailor this tour for you 

Food is one of life’s main joys, and I want this Jewish food tour to be a fully joyous experience for you. If you have any food requirements (or personal preferences) let me know and I’ll make sure you experience the very best of what Jewish-Roman food has to offer.

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“ A Delectable Learning Experience”

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