Jewish Rome for Kids

Leading a kids-friendly tour of Rome
Exploring the Colosseum from a Jewish perspective.
Come join us as we explore Rome on Wheels from a Jewish Perspective

My Jewish Rome for kids tour is fully customizable

Exploring the Eternal City can be exhausting, especially with little ones in tow, which is why I’ve created my Jewish Rome for kids tour. Fun, factual, and interactive, this tour is the perfect solution for adults and kids, leaving you feeling nourished with newfound knowledge while entertaining and educating your kids about Rome’s wealth of treasures. During the tour, there will be an interactive quiz based on the information I give out. Kids that take part will win a themed prize from a coloring book of Rome to a gladiator souvenir and much more!

Rome wasn’t built in a day; and exploring it all in one is impossible. With my Jewish Rome for kids tour, however, you can break down the highlights of the Eternal City, seeing the attractions you want to see broken down into manageable chunks. You can even add whatever transport you like to zoom you around Rome: from a golf cart to Segways (up to 13 people) or electric hi-bikes!

Experience a kids-friendly tour of ancient Rome

I can tailor a kids-friendly version of my Jewish Ancient Rome tour, featuring fun-filled puzzles and quizzes about power-hungry emperors, Jewish gladiators, and the story behind how Jerusalem’s sacking funded one of the world’s best-known landmarks.

What’s more, your kids get a wonderful price for taking part in the quiz in the form of this fun-filled book below! Full of cool pictures and facts, it will give them a love for Rome for life!

Discover Rome’s highlights on a Jewish stroll for kids

If you’re visiting for the first time, there’s no better place to start than my Jewish stroll for kids. It introduces you and your kids to all the most famous squares and fountains of the historic center, in the beautiful sunshine of the afternoon when the monuments are illuminated at their best.

This is the best way to introduce your kids to the wonders of the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and Campo de Fiori among others – with an interactive quiz and on an entertaining, story-based itinerary.

Explore the Jewish Ghetto in a family-friendly way

Visiting the Jewish Ghetto, Synagogue and Museum is as fascinating as it is rewarding. But when you’ve got kids with you it can be tiring too.

My Jewish Rome for kids tour adapts my Jewish Ghetto tour specifically for them, engaging them throughout with fun, interactive quizzes and puzzles about our enthralling history in this city.


We’ll visit Tempio Maggiore (the Great Synagogue), discover our ancestors’ treasures in its Jewish Museum, and explore the many attractions of the Jewish Ghetto (the most fashionable neighbourhood in Rome).

Take a kids-friendly Jewish tour of the Vatican

Most people associate the Vatican as the heart of Christianity. Few people know how deep its Jewish roots run. This adaptation of my Jewish Vatican tour is perfect for adults and kids alike, introducing them to the most breathtaking Jewish artworks in the Vatican and the fascinating stories behind them.

Jewish Vatican for kids

It equips all who take part with a unique perspective on the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica – all of which we visit with special skip-the-line tickets. And it keeps the kids both enthralled and entertained with a competitive quiz with prizes at the end!

Add fun-filled transport to your Jewish Rome for Kids tour

Want to make your Jewish Rome for kids tour extra special? I can add transport of your choice to whizz you around the Eternal City in style. You can choose from a golf cart to segways to eco-friendly hi-bikes. Just let me know in your message at the top right of the screen and I’ll organize the rest!